Saturday, January 28, 2006

Signs Of A Great Journey

Great Signs That Your Taxi Journey will be Interesting

- Driver repeats your destination v e r y s l o w l y with a deep level of uncertainty.

- Driver doesn't want to take you home. He wants to take you to a party in Geylang.

- You do actually live in Geylang and the driver thinks the party is at your place.

- After a few minutes of driving, you see a sign that says 'Changi Airport 2km'

- You get in the cab and the driver says "Ah!"

- Your driver is Steve Chia, James Gomez or any other opposition party candidate.

- Your driver says, ang moh ah ah, we go Clarke Quay izzit?

- Driver has an excessively good stereo system complete with amplifier and bass tubes in the back, and blasts out Hokkien top ten hits.

- Driver greets you with "Brake no work only han-brake got work OK or not?"

- The first thing the driver says is "I tell you ah! ..."