Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Condo Guy

So I get into a taxi one night for a journey to Aljunied. I was going to one of those industrial-park type buildings around there. Not a condominium in sight and no reason for one to be there either.

After the waft of durians choked the taxi's air-conditioning system and we passed by several shady hotels, (one of which being a neon-light clad pink building entitled 'Comfort Hotel' ... say no more), here's how my journey concluded:

"So just stop on the left here please," I asked kindly.

"Ah. This condo here ah?" he replied routinely whilst pointing to the blocks of industrial-type buildings.

"Er... Yeah... Er... HUH?" I gasped.

"This condo on the left ah?" he repeated again. In a more assertive manner this time.

Confused and flabbergasted I decided to go along with the routine and carry on without any big confusion.

"Ermmmmm. ..... Yes.... Errrm. Ok." I said. Afterwhich, I paid the fruit-loop of a man and got out.

Perhaps he proceeded to pick up his next ang moh at the Comfort Hotel.