Friday, September 14, 2007

Secret Durian Place

"I tell you ah. Many year ago. Me an my fren ah. We all go down there and take the durian. Wah the durian ah. So nice. I tell you one. Not like you get in shop. Sooo juicy. Wah so good," gushed the words from his swiftly energised mouth.

"But where???" I quizzed, "Is it still there or what?"

"Of course lah! I go only last month. Got one THIS big. My whole family eat lah,"

"Isn’t that illegal or something?"

"Of course lah. But only if you get caught," he smiled with pride. "So far I never get caught."

"Don’t durian sellers just go and pick free durians from there and sell them in the streets of Geylang?"

"Mayyybe lah. But enough for everyone. So okay lah."

"But where anyway? I still don't understand where they are," I prompted.

"Near the highway lah. You know the park there? There's a forest behind. Wah the durian ah. So good," he almost slobbered onto the dashboard.

Coming off the highway I gazed into the wilderness of trees searching for random durian poachers hanging out of them. Nothing there. Maybe I will see them one day and maybe I wont. One thing for sure is that I wont be purposely going looking for smelly durians. I shall leave that to the durian lovers out there.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Worst Taxi Driver Ever

Ok. It is rant time. RRRRRRRANT!

Just the other night I was trying to flag a taxi down. This damn chi ko pek taxi driver drove past me not once, but thrice! Perhaps I wasn't a nice 'chio' girly but a smelly ang moh so he didn't want to pick me up :(. In the end he drove off and I ended up taking some other taxi.