Sunday, October 7, 2007

Geylang Taxi Driver

"So you have girlfriend? Chinese girl? Nice?"

"Yes. Yes"

"Wah Looocal ah?"

"Yes. Local."

"You marry or not?"

"Almost. Almost."

"So before u marry ah. You ever visit Geylang?" (not sure if he understood or even listened to the last thing I said)

"Well I stayed in a hotel there once."

"Ahhhhh. Gooood gooood." he said.

"I tell you; wife is nice. She can stay home and look after the kids. You know what I mean? Heh heh? When you want something really dirty you go see prostitute." he bursted whilst almost jumping out of his seat.

"Yeah?" I asked lamely. That didn't cut the conversation short. It spurred him on even further.

"I telllll you ahh," with his eyes glistening in the rear view mirror in my direction; he almost crashed into the central reservation.


"Your wife ah. She nice. She look after the kids. But if you ask for blowjob you get slap. That why you need prostitute. They good and you knooooow whyyyy they are good? Because they TRAINED. Yeah! I tell u ah. They KNOW how to please a man."

There were many other things mentioned by the driver but I've omitted them for the sake of modesty. Thank god the taxi ride finally came to a conclusion.

The caucasian male paid the man and got out. Walking back to his house he felt disgusted at the taxi driver for sharing his experience and life philosophy. Blah!