Friday, January 19, 2007

Let Me Out!

"In Singapore ah. All the student they good. It THAT country where they no good. They go throw stone at the gahmen house." (all 'the government' lives in one big house?)

"Seriously?" I asked, half heartedly.

"You want to know why? You wanna know why they throw?" he beckoned.

"Well no actually but I'm sure you're going to tell me anyway." (that one is made up but I'm sure he wouldn't have heard me anyway)

"They throw the stone because they are PAID to do it!" he yelped as if he had just let me in on the biggest secret in history. "They throw the stone because they paid by the opposition party!"

I prayed that he would just keep his hands on the wheel and stop looking round at me but he continued with his wise words:

"I TELL you ah. There no need to throw the stone at gahmen. I TELL you. If they think the gahmen no good; Then why they no just go study and become the gahmen. I TELL YOU!"

"That's totally right," I acknowledged in agreement.

"They should be in the school. Learn how to become better gahamen than the one oreddi in power.

Become smarter! Only this way then can," were his words of wisdom, as he continued his taxi driver monologue. "They should be in the school studying the economics. Our prime minister he economic graduate. Economic graduate can run country and become gahmen. So you how? You graduate economic?"

"Computer science," to his dismay I replied.

"Ahh computer. I TELL you ah got good opportunity in Singapore but lot of Indian to compete."

'Oh God! Please let me out now!' I thought, and today the heavens were indeed in my favour, we were home.