Monday, December 4, 2006

Ang Mohs are Lazy?

Every day, when I wanted to cross the road, I would always be greeted by an unprecedented amount of taxis slowing down. All with the misconception that I want to be picked up by them.

Why can't they just let me cross the road in peace? This makes me start to wonder what the taxi driver is actually thinking when he does this. Is it:

"Ang moh! Ang moh! I never see before. Sure must pickup one!"

"Wah got mng moh in this dodgy area. Obvious he lost an' looking to go back to Holland Village."

"All ang moh is lazy. Therefore ang moh want to take taxi to the bus stop."

"Wonder why that ang moh not in taxi! Don't worry, I'll get him."

"Ah! An ang moh. Obviously he's going to the airport. Good for me. I can earn the surcharge." (I have actually been asked if I wanted to go to the airport when I had absolutely no baggage except my laptop with me)

"Har Har Har! *cackle* A tourist I can drive around the corner for $5 because he doesn't know where he's going."

"9am. Must be time for the ang moh to go to the pub."

and best of all..

"I'm going to slow down so that I can really annoy this ang moh who wants to cross the road. Hopefully by the time I'm done cruising past there will be a second wave of traffic coming along so he'll need to wait another couple of minutes before crossing. *Wooo ha ha ha ha ha ha!*"

This happened only the other night, when I was at the central reservation of the road... and not only did one taxi slow down for me, but ANOTHER taxi who was directly behind him obviously thought that I didn't like that particular brand so I'd prefer to take his instead.

It also happens every time I step out of my block, but strangely enough, they are never around when I really need them!